Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knockin' you out!

No, this is not about chicken thighs, even though they are as juicy and delectable as mine. Instead, this blog is about taking pride in a healthy, strong body, including my American Thighs as a Fat-Bottomed-Girl.

I think living a healthy lifestyle isn't about starving ourselves, or working out until exhaustion in order to reach a number on a scale or measurement tape. It's about enjoying life and being active in order to appreciate the amazingness that is our body! People need to enjoy eating and drinking!

I must also claim that I am not a trainer or by any means a member of any medical facility. I am a journalist with a strong interest and passion in health, and a background in sports and fitness. I grew up playing on sports teams, doing weekend activities with my family, I have worked at and worked out at several fitness facilities that has given me exposure to different trainers and fitness theories. My current favorite active interests include biking, hiking, and weights. Most importantly, I work-out so I can eat whatever I want. And I think a sexy body is a strong body! Our bodies are machines that are constantly working and processing everything that we put in and energy we put out.

It's apparent that in our current American Society there are many mixed messages that we are receiving from the media, not only about what are bodies should be like, what type of diet we should be on, or even what is the best exercise to lose weight.

My objective is to sift through all of the information that we are presented in various articles, magazines, and television shows. I want to promote what is healthy and even give advice on ways to start living healthy or different things to do to start/continue a healthy lifestyle.

I plan to cover various health topics regarding eating, working out, stretching, and even a few recipes. I will also share my own personal fitness experiences as they come along!

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