Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lookin' good....

One of the first ways to start living a healthy life is to accept the body you have and look within for its potential. Once you love your body and embrace it for what it is, then you can truly start to live healthy with a peace of mind, and then try to supply your body with the best so it can stay that way!

A healthy mind is healthy living!

I know its hard looking through magazines or watching television shows and movies with actresses and models who are barely there, and then envy their bodies. I always look at Cameron Diaz and think.. damn I wish I had those long, lean legs. But honestly... its IMPOSSIBLE for me to have her body, we aren't even the same body type! I mean come' on I am that Fat-bottomed girl with those American Thighs! Even if I lost all the fat on my body I still wouldn't rock a bikini like Cameron Diaz. The awesome thing is there are other women in media who are starting to be confident with their born body types and are flaunting them! It's natural for women to compare their bodies to others, even if it criticizing or in envy. I think Scarlett Johansson has an amazing body, where her beauty is in the curves. And Beyonce is at her sexiest with some meat on her bones. Furthermore, the fashion and women's magazine world is finally catching on with adding normal sized women to their pages and campaigns. So if you need motivation to get healthy by comparing you body or looking for inspiration in other people's bodies, than BE REALISTIC!

Just remember everyone has different body types, so instead of focusing on your "trouble areas" look more at the amazing parts of your body that you do have!
For me, I am pear shape, so I have larger bottom half and sometimes wish I could shrink it, yet I have a strong back and shoulders. In order to attract attention to my favorite areas on the body, I will wear tube tops or back revealing shirts in order to feel sexy. And that can be done for all bodies, if you have smokin' legs show them off, wear short shorts or mini skirts, because you're the only one who should pull them off!

When it comes down to it, its okay to have some more to grab than not, if it means that you are happy.
Life is and should continue to be the pursuit of happiness, not for the skinniest body.

Furthermore, in a study by Nobel Peace Prize Dr. James Watson (yeah, the guy who discovered the structure of DNA!) found that heavier women were actually happier. As we know hormones are regulated through the body in its fat cells, and woman with more fat can regulate more endorphins, which is a mood enhancing natural chemical. Additionally, the natural chemical MSH, responsible for sexual desire was also found in higher amounts in heavier women.


Being active isn't about getting a better body, but about getting a better life!

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