Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not exactly American... But still some good looking thighs!

This is a photo from a study done in Australia, where people were asked which they thought were the sexist.

Which woman do you think is the sexiest?

And the results......

The results showed 59% of people thought the woman who was a size 12, was the sexiest!

Just wanted to share some body love!

*Sorry this study only shows white women... it was conducted in Australia.
**This may not reflect a scientific study.


  1. Where does those sizes come from? I am a size 14 and look bigger than the size 16 lady, which has a killer body that I would die for :/

  2. an Australian size 12 is an American size 8, which is sexy and lovely but not as groundbreaking as the public choosing an American size 12 woman.

  3. Emily -- exactly what I came here to say. :)

  4. As usual the one with the biggest boobs wins

  5. How is this "body love"? It's basically showing that being very thin or even slightly fat is not considered sexy. How empowering.

  6. Thanks for the correcting me! I didn't know there was a conversion from Aussie to American sizes, that is handy information next time I jeans shopping down under. Although, maybe I should move there so I can start telling everyone I am size 4! =P

    The "body love" I am trying to share here is that a broad size spectrum of women are represented in this survey, and that every body did receive a decent percentage. I think its most important to realize that all these women while different sizes all share one sexy trait, CONFIDENCE!

  7. The size 8, 10 and 12 look no different in size whatsoever. I think they picked the girl with the nicest picture of the three.

    I've seen a similar study where they used computers to enhance and decrease the size of one girl (which did end up having similar results to this one by the way).

    I think that was a better study though, seeing as it removed the possibility that people were voting for the prettiest girl/nicest body as a package.

    This study also only covers one body type: hour glass figure!

    I do like the idea behind it. There is a positive message in saying that everyone prefers a woman who's healthy, but at the heavier side of healthy ...if that makes sense! :)

  8. Not only is the size 12 got the biggest tits but also the best tan and nicest hair n she is ryt in da middle wen comparing the 1st girl 2 the last..
    Also these body sizes are so unrelistic all sizes come in diff shapes and no matter how small or big u r haveing a good shape really helps. why dont they put 6 maked man up like dat and say who got nicest and biggest dik. this is bull!!